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  • This site is based in English. Guys we must tell you Rainpal® is not shipping yet but she fits most existing helmet visors like the two or three you already own. The video and images here are the start of Rainpal®s journey. Our final model will look as though it belongs on your helmet. Some bikers think they can see clearly in the rain, motorcycles are the only vehicles that does not have mandatory wipers. We want to provide you with real clear vision the same as in a car as if you have an accident in the rain you generally have more injuries than in a car. Do we ever see cars, buses without wipers, never any where in the developed world? Good reason for this, governments do not feel vision is adequate. The advent of powerful batteries in the last few years has enabled an electric wiper on a visor. Rainpal® The Road Ahead Is Clear.
  • To see if Rainpal® fits (she normally does) simply measure in a straight line, not around the visor curve from one visor attachment point to the other and if the size is from 24 to 26cms you are all good Rainpal® fits! For after rain spray or in the dry check out our optional water spray. Rider's want freedom on their bikes, Rainpal makes the freedom clearer.
  • A special thanks to the folks at Discovery Channel
  • Tired of compromised vision in the rain? Soon you will be able to have actual clear vision via an electric wiper called Rainpal®
  • Tired of terrible interior fog on the inside of your motorcycle helmet visor in the rain, get reduced interior fogging with Rainpal® see the science behind this at no 13 Here 
  • Rainpal® is currently at the advanced design stage by a multi-billion dollar company and global experienced manufacturers are being evaluated and short listed. We thank the many customers that have pre-ordered for their continued patience for probably the most advance in motorcycle helmet visors in history.
  • Globally it is a fact that riding in the rain is the most dangerous weather for riders,  USA Today says Rain is the deadliest riding hazard - Weather Nation Rain triggers a 570% surge in crashes we all know that riding in the rain your vision is compromised making you are much more likely to be seriously hurt on a motorcycle in the rain. Not 570% anymore with Rainpal®
  • Concerned about scratching? Vee Wipe has 100's of reviews and scratching is not an issue. Rainpal® uses a similar material.
  • Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be killed than car drivers. Push the odds more in your favour with Rainpal®

  • You would not ride without a motorcycle helmet, protective boots, jacket, gloves and trousers, Rainpal® is also an important safety item. 

  • Lets riders keep both hands on their steering all the time whilst providing the clearest vision ever in the rain or dry. Rainpal® the world’s only electric wiper for existing visors..

  • For us in all conditions including in the dry. Wipers always provided the safest vision that's they are mandatory on all cars in every country. We made a wiper that fits your existing visors with a liquid jet spray to wash away grime and salt etc. You can also use a visor cleaner liquid of your choice to aid in the removal of bugs in the dry and general grime. No more having to stop waste time doing this 
  • We understand riders like their choice of motorcycle helmet therefore we designed Rainpal® to fit any motorcycle helmet where the visor is between 24 and 26cms in a direct line ear to ear not around the curve of the visor.

  • Wiper speed, single wipe, delay wipe, low battery warning etc (Rainpal® parks as far to the side when the battery is nearly finished) are controlled with your left thumb on your steering above your existing control cube via wireless our optional 20ml water sprayer which squirts 5ml each spray a small amount of water goes a long way on a visor as riders know. Mo more trying to get close behind a car as you see them squirting their windshield.    
  • The inventor and CEO of Rainpal is Adam Aarons with 1000+ senior investment banking connections from his work over 20 years in London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore and Hong Kong in his previous role within investment banking check out his profile at Linkedin 
  • Rainpal® has been welcomed by 10,000,000's views by riders some of whom are in our Published Globally Tab with over 1.500,000 views in 3 posts on Facebook  733,000, 263,000140,000  and 114,000 views Rainpal®'s YouTube. 
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  • Design and Mechanical Patents and the word Rainpal® is a Registered Trademark plus additional Pending Patents in the USA which are not searchable in the public domain and can be expanded for global coverage.                             
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